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Partner Biographies

Leonard Shaykin

Managing Partner

Leonard Shaykin has more than 35 years experience as an institutional private equity investor.

Prior to founding LambdaStar, Mr. Shaykin was Managing Partner of Adler & Shaykin, a prominent early private equity firm dedicated to management leveraged buyouts.

Mr. Shaykin was also a founder and head of Citicorp’s private equity business and served on the Investment Committees of Citicorp Venture Capital Ltd. and Citicorp Capital Investors, Inc.

Over the course of his principal investment career, Mr. Shaykin acquired and served as Chairman of the Board or Director of numerous noteworthy companies including the Chicago-Sun Times, Revlon, The Folger Adam Co., Joy Technologies and AVIALL, Inc.

Jacob Frydman

Managing Partner

Jacob Frydman has more than 25 years experience in developing and investing in real estate related transactions, many of which include public sector components or counterparties.

Through his investment firm, White Acre Equities, and other affiliates, Mr. Frydman has acquired over five million square feet of commercial real estate and has participated in over $1 billion of investment and development transactions.

Mr. Frydman is a noted value-added expert and specializes in repositioning assets and in generating incremental value to enhance core cash flows.

Notable transactions that have included value-added repositioning include the acquisitions of the Global Crossing New York Headquarters, the Aetna Building, the NBC Television Studios and Two Dag Hammarskjold Plaza.

Stephane Azoulay

Vice President

Stephane Azoulay, prior to joining LambdaStar, was with the Macquarie Group in New York where he participated in the execution of over $10 billion of principal infrastructure investments. Notable transactions on which Mr. Azoulay played a key role include the Chicago Skyway acquisition & refinancing and the acquisitions of Duquesne Light Holdings, Spirit Finance and Century Student Housing.